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Нас часто спрашивают: «Что делает Rank Math намного лучше конкурентов?» — и правда в том, что это тяжелый вопрос. Конечно, мы предвзяты, потому что любой, кто спрашивает нас, спрашивает команду, которая занимается созданием наилучшего технического и локального SEO-опыта для сотен тысяч пользователей WordPress.

Итак, мы решили собрать один пост, на который мы можем ссылаться всякий раз, когда нас об этом просят — без лишних слов, давайте сразу погрузимся в то, что объективно отличает плагин Rank Math WordPress SEO от конкурентов и функций, которые вам понравятся при переключении. над.


Отказ от ответственности: эти функции были выбраны при сравнении Rank Math с другими популярными плагинами WordPress для SEO. Несомненно, есть вероятность, что некоторые отдельные специализированные надстройки или плагины для SEO имеют одну или несколько из этих функций.

Функциональность Rank Math и других плагинов для SEO во многом пересекается, поэтому их сравнение и выбор инструмента, который лучше всего подходит для вас, может быть довольно затруднительным. Итак, вместо того, чтобы пытаться сравнивать все инструменты бок о бок, мы подумали, что имеет смысл продемонстрировать несколько уникальных вещей, которые вы можете делать только с помощью Rank Math:

Математическая аналитика рангов — расширенная интеграция с Google Analytics и многое другое

To get started, it only makes sense to kick things off with one of Rank Math’s most popular features – Rank Math Analytics.

Why? Honestly, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves than Jackie Chu (SEO @Uber Ex-@Square, @Dropbox) did. Our goal when building Rank Math Analytics in one word was simplicity.

We wanted to make keeping a pulse on the state of your site accessible to everyone with a WordPress website – track keyword rankings, know which posts need your attention, and more – all without having to be a data analyst or use complex software in an attempt to pull useful data out of the countless messy reports in Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

And purely based on the reactions we’ve seen from our user-base, it’s undeniably extremely exciting to see people sharing them using Rank Math Analytics in action – knowing that it’s yet another reason seasoned SEOs trust & rely on Rank Math for the sites they work on…

Powered by Google Analytics, Google Search Console, as well as Google AdSense data – Rank Math’s Analytics module, integrates this right into your WordPress dashboard to help provide granular insights.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what you can do with Rank Math Analytics:

1 Analyze SEO Performance of Every Post & Page

And as you scroll down you’ll be able to view search traffic, impressions, clicks total keywords, click-through rates, average position, and more specifically for this individual URL in one easy-to-use report – followed by all of the keywords this piece of content is ranking in the top 100 for:

Rank Math Post/Page Analytics

2 See Top Winning/Losing Posts & Keywords

The Rank Math Analytics dashboard also shows you a brief overview of your top winning keywords, top losing keywords as well as a separate tab for the top winning & losing keywords that you’ve added to the rank tracker.


Being able to see your top winning keywords (i.e. those that have made their way up through search engine results) is extremely useful to know which content is performing really well so you can start digging deeper into why (and how to replicate this effect for your other content). While for your top losing keywords, this is a great indicator of the content that needs your attention since it’s dropped off in search results in the last 30 days.

Learn more about Rank Math’s top winning & losing keyword reports.

3 Keep Track of Position History

Track Position History

Subsequent to the above top winning & losing keywords report – you can also dive into a more detailed report that shows you everything including impressions, clicks, position, as well as position history for your content (i.e. both top winning & losing keywords as well as any keywords you’ve added to the rank tracker).

4 Rank Tracker for Important Keywords

Rank tracking software is extremely expensive — but it’s also absolutely essential to tracking your site’s performance and keeping tabs on the impact of your SEO & marketing efforts. This is exactly why Rank Math Analytics extracts data from Google Analytics and the Google Search Console to bring you the world’s most accurate rank tracking data out there (literally straight from the source) right into your WordPress admin dashboard…

Rank Tracker

5 SEO Reports Delivered To Your Inbox

When enabled, Rank Math Analytics can also deliver detailed SEO reports straight to your inbox to make keeping tabs on the performance of your websites (or delivering client reports) easier than ever & hands-off.

seo reporting via emails

Email Reports are available for all Rank Math users – with a wide range of additional benefits for Rank Math PRO & Business users. Learn more about Rank Math’s SEO Performance Email Reports here.

Rank Math’s Advanced Schema Generator

Next up, our Advanced Schema Generator. Want to see it in action? Here’s our complete video walkthrough:

Now, let’s dive into some of the specific things only Rank Math’s Advanced Schema Generator can do:

6 Easily Import Schema via URL, JSON-LD Markup, or HTML Source

So, SEOs out there who already know what their Schema implementation should look like can start benefiting from Rank Math PRO right away thanks to the Advanced Schema Generator.

But, what if you don’t or still do but just want to accelerate your workflow anyway? Well, Rank Math’s also still got you covered.

How? With 3 super simple ways to import structured data and use it on your site. Regardless of which method you choose to use, you are once again able to reap the benefits of Rank Math’s Advanced Schema Generator which allows you to take full control of all of the values associated with the structured data you’ve just imported to adjust it to suit your site’s content.

Import Schema Rank Math

The first and easiest way to import Schema Markup is using the URL import option which – as the name suggests – just requires dropping in a URL and clicking import from URL, learn more here. And in no more than a few moments, Rank Math will automatically import the structured data from the webpage you’ve entered allowing you to edit and use it on your own website.

And, you can alternatively import Schema Markup by pasting the HTML source of the webpage with the structured data you want to use or by pasting the JSON-LD Markup itself directly as well…

7 1-Click Schema Validation w/Google’s Rich Results Testing Tool

Now that you already know how important having Schema Markup on the posts & pages of your site is – it’s important to emphasize that it has to be correct for you to reap the benefits.

That’s because the presence of wrong, incomplete, or inaccurate structured data would simply mean that Google won’t consider your content for rich results (or rich snippets). Fortunately, we built Code Validation right into Rank Math to avoid this – to validate the structured data of a page, simply open Rank Math’s Schema Generator and navigate to the Code Validation tab as shown below:

Code Validation Tab

Here you’ll see the actual JSON-LD code you’ve added to the HTML source of this page.

Code View In Schema Validation Options

And, as you can see on the top right here, you have two extremely convenient buttons – clicking the copy button, as you might’ve guessed, simply copies the code to your clipboard. However, clicking the Test with Google button will open Google’s Rich Results Testing Tool in a new tab with the JSON-LD markup already pasted in ready to be tested.

Test Code In Google Rich Results Testing Tool

Rank Math pastes the code into the tool and not the URL of the page because if the page you’re adding Schema on is not live, then the test won’t work. If everything validates and passes the tests, this is what you should see:

Google Rich Results Testing Tool Results

This saves users tons of time jumping back and forth between tabs and encourages that they actually check their markup every single time they make a change as opposed to making a change and realizing 4 months later that they haven’t earned the rich snippet because something was wrong.

8 Automatic Video Schema Generation

Rank Math is the only WordPress SEO plugin to offer built-in Video SEO functionality that doesn’t involve purchasing, let alone even installing yet another unnecessary extension.

Straight out of the box, taking full advantage of your video content with structured data and video sitemaps couldn’t be easier than it is with Rank Math.

Video Schema Example Rank Math

But what if you run an existing site with a large amount of video content across hundreds if not thousands of pages. Evidently, adding structured data the normal way isn’t going to cut it. Fortunately, Rank Math is here to the rescue once again – with its built-in option to generate & automatically apply Video Schema.

Yup, Rank Math PRO even has a built-in feature to Generate Video Schema for Old Posts/Pages, available in the WordPress admin area. Just navigate to Rank Math’s Status Page by heading to Rank Math > Status & Tools.

Generate Video Schema for Old Posts/Pages

Upon clicking Generate, it’ll get to work by scanning your site segments where the Auto Detect video option is enabled. And it will also add all relevant posts (that now also have Video Schema) to your website’s Video Sitemap…

Auto Detect Video

9 Choose From Over 20 Schema Markup Types

Rank Math’s Schema Generator has out-of-the-box support for over 20 of the most popular Schema Markup types that you can apply to posts and pages:

Schema Markup Types

And, of course, it doesn’t stop there. With Rank Math PRO, you can also apply “About” and “Mentions” Schema to any of the links on your site:

About & Mention Schema

Learn more about “About” & “Mentions” Schema Markup here.

10 Advanced Schema Generator

Rank Math’s Advanced Schema Generator makes it extremely easy to add multiple Schema Markup types to your posts and pages. And, to make the process of adding custom schema to the pages easier than ever, we created Rank Math PRO‘s Advanced Schema Generator.

Advanced Schema Generator

This works perfectly in conjunction with Rank Math’s 11th unique feature – Schema Templates, which make setting conditions to reuse structured data implementations extremely easy…

11 Schema Templates for Automation

Schema Templates

Website owners that run large sites know that managing Schema Markup and making changes when requirements change can be tough. Rank Math, once again steps in to fill this gap with the help of Schema Templates. On their own, they’re incredibly powerful because they let you create reusable Schema Templates that you can store in your library and reuse whenever you create a new page.

So you can create a few templates for the types of content you create and always just reuse them. But, when Schema templates are paired with Rank Math’s Conditional Schema Markup functionality – this becomes even powerful – allowing you to automate the structured data implementation for sites on a massive scale.

12 Conditional Schema Markup

A large part of what makes Rank Math’s Advanced Schema Generator and Schema Templates incredibly useful is the ability to automate their use across your website by taking advantage of Display Conditions.

Display Conditions

Learn more about using display conditions for Rank Math’s Schema Markup module.

13 Multiple Location Schema On Any Page (Gutenberg Block/Shortcode)

Once entered using Rank Math’s Schema Builder, it’s also extremely easy to add your Local Business Information to your website via a Gutenberg block or alternatively a shortcode. This means that adding the information shown in your Schema Markup implementation to the frontend of your site (as is recommended/advised) couldn’t be easier, especially when your Local Business has multiple locations…

LocalBusiness Schema

Learn more about how to display Local Business information on your website including Schema Markup with Rank Math.

Automate & Improve Your Workflow

Largely based on feedback we’ve been hearing from our users since the launch of Rank Math as well as Rank Math PRO – is that a big part of what sets Rank Math apart isn’t just the presence of functionality that lets them do things that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. It’s also about how.

And our goal has always been to make your workflow, your experience with WordPress SEO as easy and enjoyable as possible so being good at it is easier.

14 Export and Import SEO Meta – Make Changes at Scale

Anyone who’s worked on a sizable website, think over 50-100, or even thousands of pages knows that doing so can get messy really fast. That is only if you lack the proper tools and workflow which fortunately isn’t the case with Rank Math PRO.

15 Автоматизация SEO изображений

Automate Image SEO

Хотя мы настоятельно рекомендуем добавлять отсутствующий замещающий текст и заголовки изображений по отдельности, на самом деле в большинстве случаев владельцы веб-сайтов не делают это для каждого отдельного изображения на своих веб-сайтах. К счастью, с Rank Math, пока вы этого не сделаете, значения будут подставляться динамически на основе ключевых слов (ключевых слов), которые вы ввели для своего сообщения …

Узнайте больше о добавлении недостающих атрибутов alt с помощью Rank Math.

16 Расширенная фильтрация изображений

Advanced Filtering for Images

Rank Math добавляет дополнительные параметры фильтрации в медиабиблиотеку WordPress, поэтому очень легко перемещаться и просматривать изображения, требующие вашего внимания (чтобы легко добавлять замещающий текст и заголовки изображений) …

17 Водяной знак на ваших изображениях

С помощью Rank Math PRO добавлять водяные знаки к изображениям для обмена в социальных сетях очень просто — и это можно сделать, перейдя в Rank Math> Titles & Meta> Custom Image Watermarks, как показано ниже:

Watermark Your Images

Узнайте больше о том, как поставить водяной знак на изображения для публикации в социальных сетях в WordPress.

18 Расширенная фильтрация сообщений

Advanced Post Filtering

При просмотре списка сообщений или страниц в админке WordPress (как показано выше), Rank Math также добавляет дополнительные параметры фильтрации, так что очень легко переходить к сообщениям с определенными характеристиками (например, имеют ли они плохую оценку SEO, отсутствие фокуса). набор ключевых слов, настраиваемый канонический URL и многое другое)…

19 массовых действий (быстрое индексирование, Noindex, перенаправление)

Bulk Actions

С помощью быстрых действий Rank Math вы можете массово выбирать публикацию для noindex, index, nofollow, удалять пользовательские канонические URL-адреса, перенаправлять их все и многое другое, не тратя много времени на прыжки назад и вперед по экранам редактирования для каждой отдельной публикации или страницы. …

20 Быстрое редактирование SEO-меты вашего контента

Но это еще не все — Rank Math создан в соответствии с вашим рабочим процессом, поэтому вы также можете быстро редактировать все свои SEO-мета из области сообщений или страниц WordPress на панели администратора, как показано ниже:

Rank Math Quick Edit SEO Meta